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About Mauritius
An island, of volcanic origin and covering a surface area of 2,035 square kilometers, Mauritius is strategically situated in the South West of the Indian Ocean, on the main way between the developing continents of Africa, Asia and Australia.

With a global population of 1.2 million, a melting pot of some of the oldest civilisations, namely Indian, African, Chinese and European, it is fast emerging as an international business centre and a maritime and logistics hub.

From a mono-crop economy based on sugar cane cultivation, the island has successfully metamorphosed into a diversified and robust economy based on agro-industry, value-added export-oriented manufacturing industry, tourism, financial services and information and communication technology.

Today’s modern Mauritius is the result of its highly educated and productive workforce and political leaders, its strategic partnership with the European Union, US, India, China and Africa, strong institutions, clear development policy orientation and a strong partnership among Government, the business community and the civil society.

Over the years, Mauritius has experienced practically an uninterrupted economic growth revolving around 5.7%. The island has thus emerged as a competitive destination for foreign investment from major capital-exporting countries.

It is quite recently that Mauritius has started developing its tourism industry, despite its being long established as a strategically located island with geographical advantages, infrastructural facilities, port and logistics services. Nevertheless, Mauritius had managed to make the most of its entry into the tourism sector, by creating facilities and services in an eco-friendly environment that has become the envy of many other destinations.

With its natural beauty and people as its greatest asset, Mauritius has realised a remarkable transformation and is fast emerging as a hub to reckon with.
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