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Freeport Act
Freeport Act Amended - GLOBAL TRADING
The Freeport Act has been amended as per the Miscellaneous Finance Bill 2015. 

Hence, Global Trading in replacement of Paper Trading in its original form has been reinstated as aFreeport activity effective as from 13th May 2015.  Only the name has changed.
See description of Global Trading in Annex 1.

Actually, you can do all your business under global trading subject you do only one activity per year under item 3 (a-k) of the Freeport Act -  Annex 2.
Hence, you should do at least one physical activity in Mauritius.

Those already licensed should register themselves to the BOI to operate global trading.
You will have to make a return for all your global trading as per advise from BOI.

Annex 3 will provide you procedures and regulations.
Freeport Act 2004
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